Tara Jane Feener

Head of Engineering – USA at WeTransfer.

Previously Leading Engineering at FiftyThree.

Previously Software Engineering and Prototyping Future Tools at Adobe.

New York via San Francisco via Newfoundland.

Focused on:

Collaborative creativity tools. I lead and help make Paste by WeTransfer and Paper by WeTransfer. Engineering management, growth, and culture. Experience leading remote and colocated teams.

JavaScript. TypeScript. ReactJS. Redux. NodeJS. And more.

But also and often:

Motherhood. Design. Product. Illustration. Photography. More motherhood.

Fashion. Music. Culture. Travel. Coffee. Craft beer. Books. Pizza.

Speaking sometimes:

Coming up: The Lead Dev Austin - November 8th, 2019

Empire JS. Techcrunch Disrupt. Nordic JS. Manhattan JS. React NYC. Unscripted Festival. Girls Who Code. Code NL. Adobe Web Keynote. New York Tech Meetup.

Lets talk about talking.

Always found:

Email. Github. Twitter. Medium. Instagram.


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